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Providing person-centred care is about respecting and valuing the rights of the person you are supporting to live their life as they choose to. Think about the sort of care you would like to receive, how you would like your individuality, independence, privacy, choices, dignity, respect and rights to be valued. Person-Centred support ensures that people are involved in discussions about their care and treatment, that they experience safe and appropriate care and support that meets their needs and protects their rights.

Individuals have needs which can be physical, emotional, social, spiritual, communication support or care, as a carer it is important to listen to the individuals you care for so that you can improve the service and care provided.

People who are being supported in health and social care stated that the most important thing was to be asked how they wanted to be cared for and to be listened to when they answered.

Where care needs to be adapted, the person being cared for should be allowed to know why the change needs to be made and that a way to care for them will be found that they are happy with.

Here are some comments from people who are being supported in health and social care. By looking at what people we care for want, we can improve the service we offer.

• Be polite to me and my family
• Be careful not to embarrass me
• Help me do as much as I safely can for myself
• Let me be alone when I want
• To share what they know about me only with people who need to know

In your role as a carer you may come across the term ‘personalisation’. Personalisation is about enabling people to be more in control of the services they receive.

The Person-centred approach and personalisation share the same values and essentially try to achieve the same goal. Personalisation may be seen as the entire process whereas a person centred approach is one of the ways of bringing about personalisation.

A persons well being may include:

  • A sense of hope
  • Confidence
  • Self esteem
  • Ability to communicate their wants and needs
  • Ability to make contact with other people
  • Ability to show affection
  • To experience and show pleasure or enjoyment.

Your role as a carer is to help people choose the way their care needs are met and also to help them plan for the longer term. Each person’s choices will be different depending on the types of tasks you are doing together and their abilities. When the person makes a decision that you feel is risky, discuss your concerns with them, and if possible support them to understand the risks.

People have a right to be treated as individuals. Their care plan should reflect this.